2021 Organizing Guide

Table of Contents

Useful Articles

Here’s How to Cover Uninsured Americans During the Pandemic
Bernie Sanders, Politico, 4/28/20

Big Problems Demand Big Solutions: Congress Must Expand Medicare Coverage to Everyone in America for the Duration of the Crisis
Labor For Single Payer, 4/20/20

As Poll Shows Nearly 90% Democratic Support, Biden Told Hostility to Medicare for All 'No Longer Tenable Position for You'
Jon Queally, Common Dreams, 4/25/20

Improving the prognosis of health care in the USA
Prof Alison P Galvani, PhD, Alyssa S Parpia, MPH, Eric M Foster Burton H Singer, PhD & Meagan C Fitzpatrick, PhD, The Lancet, 2/15/20

Joe Biden is Wrong About Single-Payer and Coronavirus
Meagan Day, Jacobin, 3/31/20

Keep Calm and Fight for Medicare for All
Tobias Kirchwey, Robert Fain, Pranav J. Sharma & Elias Kleinbock, Jacobin, 3/18/20

Our Public Health Infrastructure Is Losing a Fight With Capitalism
Danya M. Qato, Jacobin, 3/20/20