Chapter Spotlight: Portland DSA Pressures Sen. Wyden to Support M4A
Sen. Wyden's received 1,478,693 reasons to keep him from supporting Medicare for All.

DSA Portland shared some footage of a recent interaction with Senator Ron Wyden at one of his town halls in Oregon. One of our comrades, Adam, had an opportunity to share why Medicare for All would be a benefit to him and his family - take a look.

Sen. Wyden has yet to co-sponsor the Medicare for All bill in the senate, S.B.1804. His Democratic counterpart Senator Jeff Merkley has—thanks, Senator! Incidentally, Sen. Wyden has received over $1.4 million from big pharma and the healthcare lobby since 2015 alone.

During the town hall, the Senator asked to speak with the campaign afterward. Sen. Wyden gave some lip service on incrementalism and how he's fighting prescription drug costs and gave other reasons why he isn’t going to support Medicare for All.

Sen. Wyden asked us to look at his record and point to a single piece of legislation that he has not supported because of the money he receives, and we did; the answer is simple. The Medicare for All bill is legislation that Wyden does not currently support because of the money he has received. Medicare for All would give millions of Americans the care that they so desperately need.