Building momentum for Bernie with the largest Week of Action yet
Jabari Brisport, left, running for New York State Senate District 25, and Phara Souffrant Forrest, right, running for New York City's 57th Assembly District, attended a Medicare for All/Bernie town hall hosted by New York City DSA. (Photo via New York City DSA). 

In partnership with the DSA for Bernie campaign, we wrapped up our largest Week of Action yet in January!

From Jan. 13-19, more than 60 DSA chapters across the country held town halls, canvasses, watch parties and phone/text banking parties in support of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Medicare for All. In fact, many chapters even held more than one event! This was the first time the DSA for Medicare for All campaign joined forces with the DSA for Bernie campaign, and it was inspiring and motivating to see the power and strength of our movement.

With the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries in sight, we need to keep the pressure on. You can still get involved by volunteering directly with the Sanders campaign, or see our organizing guide for information and resources on how to build a local Medicare for All coalition in your area.

A huge thank you to every chapter that participated and every individual who told their friends, neighbors and community members about why Bernie is the only Medicare for All candidate. This is how we win!

Here's a look at the activities and events some chapters hosted during the Week of Action. You can see the #DSAforBernie hashtag on Twitter for even more.

Sacramento DSA

DSA North Texas

East Bay DSA

New York City DSA

Boston DSA

Inland Empire DSA

New Orleans DSA

Nassau County DSA

Los Angeles DSA

Hudson County DSA

Kern County DSA

Seattle DSA

Palm Beach County DSA

Central Arkansas DSA

Chicago DSA

Metro DC DSA

BuxMont DSA

Twin Cities DSA