What does democratic socialism mean?
How does Medicare for All fit into socialism?

Originally appeared on Vox, on August 1, 2018.

Medicare for All rally, Los Angeles, February 2017. Photo by Molly Adams.

As part of Vox's First Person series of personal essays, East Bay DSA member Meagan Day defined democratic socialism with authority as a DSA member, in the midst of so many articles this past summer attempting to explain the movement away as something none too radical.

Where does our Medicare for All campaign fall into her outlook?

Winning [Medicare for All] in the US would be an enormous relief to the millions of Americans who, even with insurance, find themselves stymied by claims denials and crushed by medical debt. Many progressives and an increasing number of centrist liberals — hell, even a few Trump voters — want the private insurance industry to be replaced by a single comprehensive public insurance program, one we all pay into with our taxes to relieve everyone of financial stress in times of illness. We want that too.

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Meagan Day is a staff writer at Jacobin magazine and a member of the East Bay DSA.