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August 23, 2018

Chapter Spotlight: DSA Long Beach's August Weekend of Action

by Chad Sjule

Members of DSA Long Beach and Our Revolution campaign for single-payer health care in April 2018.

On a sunny August morning, Marlene Alvarado asked her fellow DSA members an interesting question: "what motivates you guys to come out and, without getting paid, knock on peoples’ doors in this heat?"

The temperature registered 80 degrees at 10 AM, but the real heat was on the friends and family members of the canvassing crew. Patty Clark’s son has battled a rare disease for the last 35 years. Overcoming a chronic condition takes willpower and courage. Unfortunately, in the United States, it also requires stacks of cash and an unflinching determination to push back against a health insurance industry that is always looking to deny coverage. Patty is happy to tolerate the warm weather, but she refuses to put up with the vultures who would like to wrest coverage away from her son

My girlfriend’s cousin, like most Americans, thought he had good health insurance. One day he got into a car accident and broke both his legs. The driver of the other car had insurance too, but because he had fallen asleep at the wheel, he was deemed negligent, and... (read more)