Louisville DSA

Louisville DSA formed a healthcare committee in Fall 2017 to plan and execute a local campaign for Medicare for All. The first M4A event held by the chapter was a town hall in October 2017 featuring Tim Faust, as well as speakers from Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare. In the Winter and Spring of 2018, the healthcare committee teamed up with the chapter's electoral committee to canvass in support of candidates endorsed by the chapter who campaigned in support of single-payer healthcare. While those candidates were unsuccessful, the chapter did spread the message of Medicare for All in the Louisville area and help build capacity for future work on both issue and electoral campaigns.

Summer 2018 has seen the healthcare committee pivot towards coalition building, holding an open meeting with members of Kentuckians for Single Payer and Louisville Socialist Action in June. Louisville DSA is starting a monthly canvassing operation in July that will inform and mobilize regular people in working class neighborhoods for both DSA's Medicare for All campaign and the local campaign to pass a safety zone ordinance to protect the entrance area for Kentucky's last remaining abortion clinic. Louisville DSA plans to spend the rest of 2018 canvassing, developing ties with other local organizations with similar goals, and participating in town halls and forums on health justice issues.

To learn more about upcoming events, be sure to check facebook.com/dsalouisville and twitter.com/dsa_louisville