Milwaukee DSA

Milwaukee DSA Healthcare Committee is fighting to replace the broken, for-profit health system with a single, universal program that includes comprehensive coverage for all Americans that is free at the point of service. We demand policies that prioritize the health of all Milwaukeeans over the profits of insurance companies and their billionaire executives. We established our first canvas in the Fall of 2017. We've tested methodology found from East Bay DSA's canvassing effort, as well as techniques from Knock on Every Door to create a custom tailored methodology for the Milwaukee area and the M4A effort at large. We have since been able to provide a training in the Madison area to help the chapter there establish their own M4A effort.

We’ve met our stride with canvassing efforts so far being performed in the Wauwatosa, Riverwest, and Bayview neighborhoods in Summer of 2018. As our volunteer ranks have bolstered, we’ve begun the process of monthly canvasses as of July. Our canvassing effort, along with informing working class neighbors about DSA’s Medicare for All campaign, also works to increase awareness of Milwaukee’s lead pipe crisis. Last year we canvassed well into November, and plan to continue until the increasingly unpredictable Wisconsin weather makes it unrealistic to canvas.

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