NC Piedmont DSA

In February 2018, the Winston-Salem branch of the NC Piedmont DSA formed a healthcare working group to explore ways we can educate and organize our community in support of Medicare for All. We started crowd canvassing at local events, beginning with the March for our Lives in early spring. By connecting gun violence with our national healthcare crisis, we engaged a large crowd of already-politicized individuals -- many of whom had never heard of M4A or considered single-payer as a viable option in the United States!

Later in the spring, we crowd canvassed at the Burke Street Food Truck Festival and the Piedmont Earth Day Fair, collecting dozens of pledge signatures and hearing directly from our neighbors about how they’re struggling under our brutal for-profit system. With that experience under our collective belt, the healthcare working group decided to pilot a door-to-door canvass. In early June, 4 pairs of branch members knocked on 94 doors and engaged in 30 meaningful conversations with fellow community members. After that energizing experience, we immediately decided to host our first open-to-the-pubic canvass in late July. Reaching out to those who’ve previously expressed interest in Medicare for All, we’ve been delighted to find many strong supporters eager to get involved with this campaign. We look forward to bringing in this new batch of canvassers as we steadily grow our activist community.

Moving ahead, we envision canvassing on a monthly basis while also hosting occasional educational, social, and community service events related to Medicare for All. Though in some ways we’re just getting started, we feel what we’ve accomplished with a small group of people thus far proves the inherent power of this movement. Our community is fed up with for-profit healthcare, and ready for Medicare for All!