Write Your House Rep!

New polling shows that 70% of Americans support Medicare for All. In a perfect world, this would mean that our elected representation would whip up a bill to give the people what they want, but we know that in order to get a truly universal single-payer health plan, we need to demand it. We are rolling out a letter-writing campaign to further raise our voices in our socialist demand for a national Medicare for All program.

We have written three drafts for use for this campaign. One is for representatives that do not support H.R. 676, another is for cosponsors that have not yet joined the Medicare for All Caucus, and a third is for those that support and have joined the caucus. It is important that we make it clear to all representatives that we will not accept anything short of our five demands. No one knows their local political climate like the locals, and these letters can be tailored to highlight issues unique to each area.

We encourage chapters to have these letters available at their events and to hold socials centered around flooding the Capitol with letters demanding that our representation take action.

  1. Look up your representative. You can look up representatives by ZIP code at house.gov.
  2. Find out if they've signed on to H.R. 676. You can find the list of co-sponsors at congress.gov.
  3. Find out if they've joined the Medicare for All Caucus. You can find a list of caucus members on the M4A Caucus page on Wikipedia.
  4. Choose the appropriate template letter below to get writing.
  5. Letters can be mailed to:
    The Honorable ______
    U.S. House of Representatives
    Washington, D.C. 20515

Info on House Representatives

Template Letters

H.R. 676 Co-Sponsor? M4A Caucus Member?  
For M4A Caucus Members
  For M4A Caucus Non-Members
    For H.R. 676 Non-Co-Sponsors