Order M4A Campaign Materials

Swag, lit, guides—all the materials to help your campaign expand its reach connect to our nationwide movement for Medicare for All.

Union-made. Union-printed.

Start with one of the following packages:

  • Medicare For All Tabling Kit. 120 pamphlets, 40 buttons, and 20 stickers.
  • 5 Shirt Pack. We currently have small, medium, and XL in stock.
  • 5 Organizing Guides Pack. An essential primer for any first time organizer.

Then you can add on additional items!

These supplies were designed to help organizers get their campaigns off the ground, and you can always get more supplies by reaching out to us at m4a@dsausa.org. If you'd like to make your own, remember to print union!

Product Price Quantity Total
Medicare for All Tabling Kit
This includes - 120 pamphlets - 40 buttons - 20 stickers
5 Medicare for All T-Shirts Pack
T-shirts size large are currently sold out.
5 Organizing Guide Pack
This item is stand-alone and includes shipping in the cost.
Add-On Items
40 Assorted Medicare for All Buttons Pack
20 Medicare for All Stickers Pack
5 Organizing Guides Pack
120 Organizing Pamphlets Pack
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