Here please find a collection of organizing materials and resources made available for local Chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America organizing around Medicare for All. These materials were sourced from DSA members around the country who have organized events canvasses and actions around Medicare for All advocacy.

These resources are described in detail in the Organizing Guide, where you can read more about how to coordinate a canvass, develop a town hall, organize an educational event and more. The materials mentioned in the guide are available in the sidebar for your own purposes, in print ready PDF or as an editable template.

In accordance with the DSA constitution all resources must be made either by union printers with union materials (and stamped with a union bug) or made with donated labor and be noted as such with “Labor Donated” printed on the material.

We are constantly adding new materials so check back often! DSA’s Medicare for All Campaign Committee is here to help your chapter develop the tools to join the fight for Medicare for All. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]