Medicare for All's Demands Are Clear and Not to Be Defined by Politicians, Lobbyists or Pundits
Centrists want to co-opt the movement in the name of something weaker than a single-payer system.

Originally appeared on Vox, on July 13, 2018.

Courtesy of Philly DSA

The movement for Medicare for All is something to be reckoned with — but we need to keep the pressure up. It's great news that House representatives are forming a Medicare for All caucus, but, as DSA members have written in Vox, we need to keep them fighting for our interests and not those of private insurers or pharmaceutical companies.

Let there be no doubt — Medicare-for-all is a universal, public program that would provide comprehensive medical care to all American residents, totally free at the point of use. Any attempt by pundits or lobbyists to muddy the waters around this proposal is an obvious attempt to co-opt the campaign’s momentum with an eye toward weakening future legislation and protecting the interests of health-industry profiteers.

Read the whole piece by DSA M4A organizers here.

Tim Higginbotham and Chris Middleman are organizers on the Democratic Socialists for Medicare for All campaign's Communications Subcommittee.