45 DSA Locals Made it a Weekend of Action

On April 21st and April 22nd, 45 DSA chapters and organizing committees hit the streets of their respective communities to make connections with friends and neighbors and offering their vision of a health care system where their well-being and that of their loved ones would be safeguarded from the profit motive of private insurers.

In Philadelphia, the chapter canvassed for single-payer-supporting electoral candidates; New Orleans got some help from some Baton Rouge comrades in kicking off their M4A canvassing; Ventura County tabled at their weekend farmers' market and North Texas hosted an event with health justice advocate Tim Faust — just a handful of the canvasses, actions and fundraisers democratic socialist organizers took part in last weekend, shifting our national campaign into its next gear.

That's somewhere near 1,000 all-volunteer organizers in over 20 states setting their weekends aside to help power this movement — it's only just beginning and the nation is taking notice. Common Dreams covered the weekend in a piece entitled, "Democratic Socialists Aren't Just Demanding #Medicare for All, They're Organizing for It," and a certain US senator from Vermont and author of the Senate's Medicare for All bill tweeted his support:

We're on our way! Give it up for your comrades!